A Message From Our Pastor. . .

“We thank you for taking the time to visit us on the web. We are a church that loves the Lord and believe the King James to be the inerrant and infallible Word of God. Please take time to search through the different ministries of Moore Baptist Temple. Feel free to reach us by sending an email through the Contact Us page or call the number provided. The most important decision one makes is the decision of salvation. If you have not made this decision or are uncertain about it, please contact us today. Have a blessed day and keep Christ first.”

– Pastor Sven Larson






Pastor and Mrs. Larson



Bro. Carl and Mrs. Jessica Craighead

Jr. Church (K-4 - 6th grade)


Bro. Nathaniel and Mrs. Sandra Means

Song Leader / Teen Pastor



Mrs. Craighead

Nursery Cordinator


Mrs. Hershberger 


Mrs. Higgins

3 - 6 year olds


Mrs. York